Pastor Bill Kermott has been planting and pastoring churches in Wisconsin for nearly 30 years now. Before becoming a pastor he was an evangelist and worked with Underground Evangelism as an area representative informing churches of the persecution of believers in communist lands and raising funds to smuggle Bibles and financial aid to struggling pastors behind the iron curtain.  Pastor Kermott has been active in street ministry for 40 years preaching the gospel to the lost and vocally standing against the prevailing sins of our nation and society, opposing abortion, sodomy, sex education, and other societal sins.   He has spent decades picketting at planned parenthoods and abortion mills, stood with Dr. Greg Dixon during the siege at I.B.T., preached and picketted the courthouse in Montgomery, Alabama as they assaulted the Ten Commandements and preached, protested and lobbied in Florida on behalf of Terri Schiavo.

In the course of street preaching his life has been threatened many times by knife and gun, drill and acid,  he has been hung upside down, beaten by an angry mob, thrown out a second story window, Satanists threatened to kidnap his daughters and burn them in Satanic ritual and suffered threats of firebombing his home and church all for preaching the Gospel of Christ.

He is presently the Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church of Price Wisconsin and Chippewa Valley General Assembly of Eau Claire and is available for preaching engagements around the country for Evangelistic, Revival and End Time Prophecy meetings.

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