Willis Butts

    Willis Butts is an opinionated retired computer programmer who hails from Texas. Once an “obedient member of the flock,” he believed nearly everything he was told in school and on TV.  But in 2011, after Obama claimed credit for killing Bin Laden, and research indicated that Bin Laden had actually been declared dead in December, 2001, Willis starting investigating, and one rabbit hole led to another.

    Reality is quite a bit different from what we are told. Official stories presented by the corporate media and by federal, state and local government often appear tragic, yet many can be shown to be false, or at least very suspicious.  What the media and government provide for us to see and hear should be regarded as source material for a great big detective reality show. 

    In the “real world,” people yearn for peace, prosperity, brotherly love, generosity,  compassion, harmony and well being for all humans everywhere. But in the “world of appearance,” the corporate mass media and the world governments present division, crime, hate, terror, poverty, selfishness, vice and faithlessness. Willis strives to share Truths, and to learn even more from radio listeners.