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Best Choice to Spread the Message

Radio is the cost-effective choice for the Liberty message. While the interlocking control of major media is a factor in preventing independent groups from gaining access to television, TV is also inaccessible due to its prohibitive cost. By comparison, radio is much more affordable — making it the most practical for our purposes — and affordability is directly related to expansion.  Radio has the added advantage of being available to its audience while they are at work, or traveling, or in many other situations where television is impractical.

Talk radio is interactive and issue oriented. The format of Liberty Works Radio Network will be talk radio, where issues relevant to freedom-oriented people can be discussed. Individual programs will have plenty of time to develop the issues enough for audiences to really understand them.  Plus, talk radio is interactive — it allows listeners to call in and become participants in the discussion, something television can rarely do. This not only gives the audience a “stake” in the programs, it can introduce opinions and solutions from the public that would otherwise not be aired.


If you thought fractional banking was bad wait until you see Fractional Voting!

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Liberty Works is dedicated to reawakening Americans to the founding principles of natural rights and limited government, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, by broadcasting Liberty-oriented talk radio shows through an expanding network of  commercial and non-commercial FM stations.

Download these apps for your Android/SmartPhone or iPhones and you can listen to your favorite LWRN programs wherever you go.


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