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Ernie Sanders

Pastor  Ernie  Sanders married his wife Ellen in 1968.  Their First Son Timothy  went to be with the Lord.  Their Second Son, Matthew, is progressing in his studies Veteran U.S. Army  1966 - 1968.  He founded N.E. Ohio's Missionaries to the Unborn in 1974 and was
co - founder of the Geauga County Right to Life 1978.

  • Co - Host of Biblical Answers to Secular Questions.
  • Founder of  ( WRWL ministries ) -- What's Right What's Left Ministries.
  • Radio Talk Show Host on (WHKW-1220am,  WHKZ-1440am),WRSB-1310am,WASB-1570am.
  • World Wide Radio - Voice of the Christian Resistance Movement.
  • Audio Streaming over the World Wide Web, and broadcasts over www.CrusadeRadio.com, www.WHKWradio.com, www.RestoringAmericaNetwork.Net

Board Member of Ohio Right To Life for 21 Years.  Prison   Ministry  including  Death Row ....
Chancellor of the Kings Word School of the Bible.  Senior Pastor -  "Doers  of  The  Word  Baptist  Church".

Pastor Ernie Sanders is a Nationally Known  Preacher &  Speaker  at: UBF Conferences ....
Internationally  known  preacher  &  speaker , on radio - TV.  Accomplished, Popular--Vocalist ,  Singer and  Song  Writer, pioneer  of   Ohio's  Home  Schooling  Movement.  This Ministry has Saved Over 23,000 unborn babies  from The Cruel, Painful Death, of Abortion  at  the hands  of  the  Many  Bloody  Communistic  Baby  Killers.  Leading the Christian Resistance movement against Communist Aggression and Oppression, in all its forms, for  over  30 years .....

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