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Sam Adams

Pastor Sam Adams

Pastor Sam Adams

Born:         Jan. 18, 1959
Born Again:     March 30, 1987

Married with 5 children

Trained as an architect, received B.A. in Architecture from Iowa State University 1982. Licensed to practice architecture since 1986.

Self-taught voracious Bible student since the day I was saved in 1987

Reject modern Bible versions as diluted and perverted, hold the Authorized King James Bible to be exclusively authoritative

Doctrine: historic Baptist; sole authority of scripture (KJB), strict separation of Church & state.

Eschatology: Classical Premillennialist (opposed to popular dispensationalism)

Resolutely opposed to any attempt by the state to control the Lord's Church, and to the socialist/communist/fascist NWO destruction of liberty and the corporate takeover of American government, fraudulently misapplied & oppressive "taxation", Nazi/militarized police state, phony "money" (FRN) system, etc., etc.

Bible teacher since 1991, beginning at Northwest Christian Church in Tampa, Florida

Tax honesty & freedom advocate since 1993

Co-Founded Faith Baptist Fellowship church in Tampa, 1996

Adult Bible Class Teacher at Landmark Baptist Church, Brooksville, Florida 2001-2004

Pastored small home church near Brooksville, Florida 2004-2008

Pastor of Independence Baptist Church (formerly Freedom Baptist Church) in Belleview, Florida since August 2008

email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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