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By: John Baptist Kotmair, Jr.

The only real possibility of saving our Constitutional Republic, outside of the unthinkable, and in my opinion, unwinable violent counterrevolution, is the present growing movement for Nullification, (refusal to enforce or obey an unconstitutional law).

I have been watching State Nullification spark and re-ignite the Torch of Liberty with great interest, because in reality it is the only peaceable way to end the present growing Police State. Yet, as thrilling as is this history-in-the-making, there is the ominous danger of push-comes-to-shove hostilities. After all, you cannot expect the central banking cabal − that spent the last 152 years working to undermine the Constitution with seditious legislation, made possible in part by various false flag events − to allow this Nullification movement to gain ground. Amazingly, these seditious acts went unchallenged by complacent Americans, but the old refrain “it cannot happen here” is growing fainter every day.

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