Our united States are under attack from the political descendents of Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ (socialism) and of Hamilton-Lincoln ‘federalism’ (tyrannical central government). These attacks on our Constitutional form of government and the natural rights of We the People have culminated today in a military-industrial complex in league with a burgeoning police state (fascism).

The signs of a decayed republic are all around us, from the unconstitutional war on Iraq to the unlawful fiat currency now losing its purchasing power through the “inflation tax,” and the unconstitutional application of the income tax. Liberty is being lost at an unprecedented rate.

The mass media are complicit in the attack and have always served the business interests of the owners of media outlets. In the early part of the last century, wealthy interests bought up major newspapers, recognizing that they could wield power by influencing mass opinions through these outlets.

Over time, national news and commentary has become increasingly influenced and outright owned by large corporations. Now, just five corporations — Disney, Time Warner, Murdoch News Corporation, Viacom, and Bertellsson — control the majority of available media today, and often are joint owners of media outlets.

Liberty cannot be re-won without access to the media. Nothing will work to push back the forces of tyrannical fascism except political pressure, and political pressure can only come from a significant number of people hearing, understanding, and applying the principles of limited government and Liberty.

The American media monopoly now controls and limits the information our fellow citizens hear and see, to the detriment of all of us.  Because information is not readily available to the average person — indeed is often deliberately withheld from them by the media — Americans continue to make destructive choices in health care, education, politics, and the economy.

As Thomas Jefferson said nearly 200 years ago: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Unless our fellow citizens are taught the benefits that the exercise of freedom and their natural rights can bring, they will continue to ignorantly expect government (and the big businesses who have gained control of government) to take care of them, never realizing that the unconstitutional actions of our present government are the source of their misery.

And if true Patriots don’t undertake to educate their fellow citizens, they will be destroyed along with the rest! Patriots cannot expect to prosper and have freedom in their personal lives if they don’t work to educate and restore others to the principles of free markets, non-intervention in foreign affairs, sound money, and small government.