Liberty-loving and principled patriots from all over America understand the urgent need for Liberty Works.

“The founding fathers would simply love [this] idea of being able to inform the people in such a rapid-fire way through a radio network. … Citizens banding together to create a network is really the only way it's going to happen.”

— Dave Buhlman, Former Representative, New Hampshire Legislature

“Compliments to Liberty Works Radio Network and its supporters on their efforts to spread FREEDOM.”

— Fob James, Former Alabama Governor

“You could turn the country around. … [this] radio network would counteract the destruction, the damage that’s been done in the schools and by the media. … It would give Americans a foundation from which to understand that their children and grandchildren, if something’s not done, are going to be living under a very totalitarian system.”

— Charlotte Iserbyt, Author of "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" and former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education.

“Those holding positions of governmental responsibility regularly commit seditious acts, and then cover them up. ... [The] only way open to patriots trying to re-establish truth and justice, and restore our constitutional republic, is to have our own media outlet.”

— Tommy Cryer, Attorney, Co-founder of

“The current media we have today is simply not going to talk about liberty and freedom. … The liberty loving people of this country need to band together … and offer the rest of America a different vision.’”

— Larry Becraft, Attorney, Constitutional Law

“Is the general media of our country interested in disseminating truth to our people? No ... that's why it’s so important that we have a network, radio-wise, that people can get the truth, get the right knowledge, get the vision.”

— Pastor Garrett Lear, Radio Host, Water From The Well

“[Talk radio] can be useful in educating the American public about threats to their liberty, about corruption in government. … Such a network should start yesterday.”

— Joseph R. Banister, Former IRS Special Agent (Criminal Investigation Division)


“[Talk radio] is an incredible outlet for us to use. … it’s the only vehicle left available to us that’s even remotely affordable, and I think it’s time that we support that, and [make it] a reality.”

— Don Dwyer, Delegate, Maryland Legislature

“Who has control of the news media? It only takes a very few in control of the media outlets to affect people’s thinking process. That’s what happening.”

— Kent Hovind, Founder, Creation Science Evangelism

“When the people get together and fund [Liberty Works], they’re empowered to put the solutions on, and not worry about if someone’s going to cut their funding.”

— Sherry Peel Jackson, CPA and former IRS Agent

“We certainly need a radio network where we can discuss these things, and where we can get the word out and get the message out.”

— Dr. Greg Dixon, Chairman, American Coalition of Unregistered Churches

“Liberty Works Radio Network … That’s the only solution. We have to get back on the air. … I know that's the only way that we can get the message out to the world.”

— Archbishop John Milton Isaac Brown, United African Church Congress Association

“[T]alk radio is a forum where we can address issues that do not get addressed in regular media. … I think in the current marketplace, there’s a void … and a radio network certainly could fill that void, and provide the public with a lot of information that they’re presently not getting.”

— Andrea Boucher-Stringer, PhD, Professor, Towson University

“230 years ago, Americans had to contribute in a different way. They had to pick up a musket, and they had to go out and sacrifice possibly their lives. They had to leave their wives and children. ... All we need to sacrifice is whatever it takes, on a monthly or annual basis, to keep a liberty-minded network on the air, and the information and the education before the American people.”

— Dave Champion, Host, American Radio Talk Show

“We need a radio network. Why? To sound the alarm. To speak the truth to the American people. To tell them: ‘Wake up!’ … We need a radio network that discusses, disseminates, and passes along constitutional truths, that passes along freedom and liberty ideals, and foundational principles, yesterday!”

— Bryan Malatesta, Chairman, Constitution Party of Texas

“I think talk radio can impact people far greater than just about any other medium. [W]e’re also seeing the major media hijacked by big-monied interests. … So we really need a medium where these kinds of things can come out, and people can become aware of what’s going on.”

— Peter Gibbons, Attorney

“Independent radio can ask the questions, get the listeners to think about the questions, and get them to question the basic assumptions about the existence of things.”

— Brian D. Ray, PhD, President, National Home Education Research Institute

“It’s time to put our money where our mouth is, in terms of bringing forth a radio network.”

— Christopher L. Harrison, Chiropractor



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