Nicholas Landholt

    A native Texian, Nicholas Landholt spent over ten years in the Navy after graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film.  Realizing that U.S. military forces are used by the Money Powers for their own personal gain, he resigned his commission in 1988, and began dedicating his public life to expose those same powers while earning a living in sales.  He has also spent over 25 years working to show how computer vote fraud controls national politics, while both political parties control Congress, and therefore We the People.

   Politically active behind the scenes, he stepped in front of the camera and was the 2016 Libertarian Party of Texas candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 11th Congressional District. A firm believer in “Confrontational Politics,” he ran on a pro-Second Amendment, pro-Family, anti-IRS platform against a globalist Republican with a Liberty Scorecard of “F” from Conservative Review. For Constitution-minded Texians, Landholt was truly the only patriotic choice with the courage – and vision – to provide actual citizen representation for twenty-nine west Texas counties. He is a strong advocate for restoring to We the People the lost political philosophy of self-governance under God’s Laws.

   Calling on the help of all Texians – including State Legislators in Austin and local county commissioners – Landholt can help restore real, visible economic freedom to his fellow constituents who are currently enslaved by the continued theft of their monies by means of federal and state “taxes.”

   With the assistance of the People and County Sheriffs, Landholt desires to immediately eliminate the federal income tax for millions of Texians who mistakenly believe they are liable for it. This will enable many Texas employers to cease acting as unpaid tax collectors forced to take wages from their employees paychecks and hand it over to the criminal IRS and a corrupt General Government.

   Landholt is actively recruiting Christian patriots, regardless of political persuasion, to join his team in putting an end to the Biblically-condemned charging of usury, and bringing justice to the banking cabal in the Texas Republic.

   You can get in touch with Nicholas through his Facebook page.