1. The US consumer has been adding debt to maintain consumption, and credit card debt has reached new record levels. This is not a strong economy.
  2. While our political “leaders” insist that the government is “protecting” us, it offers the same kind of “protection” that mobsters offer: pay us to “protect” you, or we burn down your place with you in it.
  3. Socialists pride themselves on their supposed good intentions even as they fashion policies that create havoc and harm the people socialists claim to be helping. Ludwig von Mises called it destructionism.
  4. In the aftermath of Donald Trump's conviction in Manhattan—a political show trial, to be sure—David Gordon reviews Danilo Zolo’s, Victor’s Justice, which examined the Nuremberg Trials following World War II.
  5. Ordinary people cannot stop the Fed and the government from inflating the currency, but they can take measures to shield themselves from some of its harmful effects. Mark Thornton presents a few ideas on how it can be done.