Recently a friend observed that I seemed unusually pleased at the effects of some bad outcome in our political system. I simply responded that I very much enjoy seeing stupid people visited by the consequences of their actions. And by people, I mean most of the people in this country.

Case in point. Today I listened to a report about the bankruptcy in Detroit*. After years of screwing their tax payers and borrowing beyond their limits the crows are coming home to roost. On NPR's Here and Now, they interviewed a former police officer who is now retired. It seems this officer who only receives and early pension of 50K a year might find her pension in jeopardy since the city of Detroit cannot pay all of their bloated pension benefits. She is in a bad position, as her husband, also a former police officer who gets a slightly smaller pension. She complains that a potential reduction in her and her husband's pension will really hurt (two people living on slightly less than 100K in the Detroit suburbs must be tough these days).

One can only listen to this former “public servant” explain that their union negotiated this agreement fair and square and the city should stand behind their commitment. When asked how the city of Detroit should address their budgetary problems she had no response at all - none - nada. Obviously a real deep thinker just like the hapless citizens she routinely deprived of their rights when she actually worked for a living. She pointed out that she's not old enough to get social security so what is she to do? My first thought...go out and get a freaking job lady! And kick your husband in the butt to do the same like most of us have to do.

Honestly, I think we should cut the pensions of these public servants 100%. That will reduce the burden to the taxpayers who are subsidizing these lazy former police officers. Maybe when they know what real pain is, they will learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past and urge their unions to gouge their employers who are the taxpayers. * If you cannot find the story at the link search for “Detroit’s City Retirees Worry Pensions Won’t Be Paid” on July 19, 2013.

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