If we need yet another example of why we should hunt down every liberal environmentalist and deport them to ... anywhere .. maybe China where they will be right at home with their fellow socialists. While we are at it bring in any immigrant who will gladly work three jobs with no welfare. Difficult to find many American citizens who will do that!

As Deep Throat said, follow the money.

by ZeroHedge

So here is the purported logic: climate change leads to terrorism, but one can’t eradicate the primary funding source of the biggest terrorist threat in the world, the Islamic State, because of dangers it may lead to even more environmental damage and climate change.

We are truly speechless at this idiocy.

Meanwhile, the real reasons behind ISIS massive wealth build up: the illicit oil trade facilitated by, and involving NATO-member state Turkey, whose president and his son collect billions in illegal profits by arranging the charter of Islamic State oil to Israel and other international buyers of ISIS’ cheap oil, and which involves such “highly respected” commodity traders as Trafigura and Vitol, continues to this day, and only Putin has done anything to put a dent in it.

For those who can’t believe any of this (and it took us quite a while to realize this is not some elaborate prank) here is the clip proving the former CIA deputy director actually said it all.

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