Editors note. Andrew Napolitano has a good legal mind but he's not perfect. For some reason he thinks wages and salaries are income. Just ask someone who really knows, Larry Becraft, Esq. But I digress. Napolitano makes an excellent case about why Hillary Clinton should be wearing an orange jump suit soon but when Barrack Obumer, who regularly signs death warrants for people not acquised of crimes, let's his Justice Department indict a former cabinet officer for a crime and doom the Democrat party in this Fall's election, I will publicly apologize to Richard Nixon for characterizing him as an SOB and traiter for engaging in acts as a private citizen to extend the Vietman war in order to get elected!

by Andrew Napolitano

Mrs. Clinton is no ordinary client. She is running for president. She lies frequently. We know this because, when asked if the FBI has reached out to her for an interview, she told reporters that neither she nor her campaign had heard from the FBI; but she couldn’t wait to talk to the agents.

That is a mouthful, and the FBI knows it. First, the FBI does not come calling upon her campaign or even upon her. The Department of Justice prosecutors will call upon her lawyers – and that has already been done, and Mrs. Clinton knows it. So her statements about the FBI not calling her or the campaign were profoundly misleading, and the FBI knows that.

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